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500 +Article Submission Sites List Free ( High DA)

Article submission sites are sites which can accept unique articles from various people. As per data, millions of sites are available online; few are free, and some s are paid. If you are a website owner or employee of any site, article submission websites are a great way to get traffic and a high ranking on Google according to your keyword needs. We will share 500+ Best article submission sites with you in this article. Majorly sites come with instant approval for your article submission.

For many years article submission site-making business. In General, good sites or High DA sites charge money, but we have included some free article submission sites for your convenience in this article. Before going towards the article submission sites list, we should know an in-depth understanding of what an article submission is. Read below.

Here is the list of 500+ best article submission sites. Most of these sites are free, but some are paid too. 

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Top 10 Free Article Submission Sites List Ever

article submission sites

When you search for Article submission sites, You will find Many free article submission sites on the internet. Here it would be best if you thought about those sites. Most of them could be more helpful. Below are listed the top 10 article submission sites that are free and beneficial to every business owner or area owner. Below are lists of sites that can help you get the top SERP position on Google according to keywords.

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1) Google Sites

article submission sites – google sites

Google Sites is one of the finest free platforms for creating web pages. Websites owners can submit articles to Google Sites by creating a subdomain. As we know, all the domain authority of Google is very high, so your articles can rank in search engines like Google. This is the best free article submission site to get a backlink and organic traffic to any business.

2) Quora

Quora offers a no-cost article submission website. It is possible to create a free account and begin writing articles on the site. You will be provided with an unfollow link in exchange. Quora boasts 300 million monthly users, so you could drive a considerable number of referrals to your site.

3) GitHub

It’s a platform for free for you to post your article. You need to register on GitHub and begin publishing articles. Github’s domain authority Github is 93, so your content will likely rank on search engines.

4) Storify

Storify has an average domain rating of 72. The site accepts guest articles. Your post will likely be featured

5) EzineArticles

New authors are welcome to submit their articles on Ezine. It’s a free article submission website with a score of 70.

6) Articlebiz

Articlebiz is a no-cost platform for article publishing. You need to register and then submit your article. Over 16 different categories are accessible on the site. You can pick the category that fits your specific area of expertise.

7) Linkedin

Linkedin is a platform for free to share content. You can sign up as a writer on the site. Linkedin is the biggest community of professionals. Your post could get thousands of views within the span of a few days.

8) Tumblr

It’s a social network site that has thousands of members. It is a fantastic website for submitting articles that is free to you. You can sign-up as a user and begin publishing articles. Your articles could bring thousands of people to your site. Additionally, it’s an excellent way to gain backlinks.

9) MyArticles

MyArticles is a no-cost site for article submissions included in our list. There are many other websites too. There is the possibility of submitting articles as well.

Best 10 Websites for Article Submission that Have Instant Approval

If you’re looking for article submission sites that have instant approval, then look at these websites.

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Top 10 Article Submission Sites in India

Here are the most popular article submission websites in India. If you’re searching for a website to submit articles that has indian traffic, check these websites.

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Article Submission Sites for SEO

Article submission refers to posting an article on an unrelated website to receive organic traffic and to get a quality backlink. The article submitted may begin getting ranked on Google. In this scenario, the owner of the website can receive massive traffic from the article.

There are numerous free and paid sites to submit articles—websites with high DR cost fees. Most new and low DR websites provide reports for free. For this blog, we’ve conducted extensive research and have found article submission websites with high DR. You can look through this list below, but first, be aware of the reasons Article submission is essential for you.

Why are Article Submission Sites Important in 2023?

There are two reasons website submissions for articles are essential in 2022.

Free Referral Traffic If your article is ranked at the top of the SERP, you could drive massive referrer traffic to your site. You can pick easy-to-ranking keywords to submit your article. Long tail keywords with three to four words are the best choice to submit your article. It is also possible to ask the owner of the website to add an author’s bio under the article. This will help to increase the number of referrals to your site.

High-Quality Backlink

Linksare the most important ranking factors used by Google. If you are looking to get higher rankings, then you’ll require backlinks for an aid. Article submission websites can help to get quality backlinks. If you receive the backlink from a reputable site, you will see the results in just a few days.

How to Select the Right Article Submission Website?

You should be aware of these four things before deciding on the best site to submit your article.

Examine for the Domain Authority (DA) or Domain Rating (DR) of the website for article submission. If either the DA or DR is low, the website may not be helpful for you.

Find out the domain’s age. A high domain age can help in SEO.

Examine the kind of backlink. It isn’t a good sign if you’re receiving a nofollow backlink. Make sure you get do-follow backlinks from an authoritative website. Examine the quality of the previous articles. Submit articles on these websites that maintain the high quality of their content.

Submit an Article on an Article Submission Sites?

Make sure you have these items ready prior to making an entry on the website for article submission.

Create a unique piece of writing with no plagiarism. Also, ensure there aren’t any grammar mistakes in your article.

Create a backlink for the webpage you wish to rank. The link you provide must be follow-through to allow your website to gain the benefits. If you’re prepared with these two items, then you can follow the two steps above.

Sign Up on the article submission site:

Registration is the first step to submitting your article. You need to possess an email address that is active to complete registration. After you enter the username and email, you’ll receive a confirmation email to your email ID. After clicking that confirm link, you are able to create your personal password. You should save the username and password in a secure document to use in the future.

Add New Post:

This is the next step of submission. Click on the “Add New” post. There may be an outline of the position on the right-hand side of the screen. Complete the checklist and then click submit the article to be reviewed. Conclusion

We have now completed this article submission list with these websites. You can get higher rankings in the SERP by posting articles on these sites. Many of them are free website for article submission that allows immediate approval. In the article above, we also provide instructions on how to submit your report to any website. If you have difficulty, then you can post a question via the comment section. We will also keep up-to-date this article submission list of sites to allow you to discover new websites.

Frequently Asked Questions about Article Submissions

Does All Article Submission Sites are Free?

All websites for article submission aren’t free. Some sites with a lot of traffic and authority. That charge a fee to submit articles. On this page, we’ve included both free and paid sites for article submission.

Why should one utilize a website for the submission of articles?

Article submission websites are typically employed to gain a top-quality backlink. These links aid in getting an excellent ranking on Google.

What are Instant Article Submission Sites?

Websites that allow you to instantly post your content are often referred to as instant submission sites. Articles will appear on the internet despite any approval of the editorial staff.

What are the top free sites for article submission within India?

Google Sites, Quora, Github, Storageify, Ezine articles, Articlebiz, LinkedIn, Tumblr and MyArticles, are among the top free article submission websites in India.


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